Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Blankie!

I was so happy to see my Aunt Kathy last night and she brought me a new blankie.  I absolutely love it and really appreciate it.  It's my favorite color as well and will keep me really warm.  Thanks so much Aunt Kathy!

Mom took this up-close picture of me.

Mom also took this picture of me all cuddle up in my new blankie on the floor today!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Daddy Bob Rode In An Ambulance

Yesterday morning Daddy Bob had a nasty fall in the kitchen and hit his head on the wooden cabinets.  Mom tried to get him up but had to end up calling the Fire Dept. at the top of the hill.  The Capt. of the Fire Dept. called Central Fire Station downtown and ordered an ambulance.

Daddy Bob has had back and two neck surgeries and afraid he may have possibly broken a hip or something since he has been falling in the house a lot.  Mom said I was a good girl for not barking while they were at our house to help him.

They took him to the ER and checked him out and he was OK.

Hopefully, he will listen to Mom and stay in his wheelchair or electric motor scooter.  Mom said it is really scary when he falls down.  She is hoping that he can be put in a nursing home to get the care he needs because Mom is all stress out trying to take care of him and me too.  We don't want him to hurt himself really bad.