Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nims ~ The Cat

Nims lives next door and my Mom took these pictures as Nims was sitting on the ledge of the back porch deck this morning.  Here she is yawning her head off!

She must have seen something move.

Mom is talking to her and she is totally ignoring rude Nims!

She jumped down and now she is a peeping Nims!  We see you!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My New Bed

When payday came my Mom went to Wal-Mart and got me a "new bed" which I love.  Here is a picture she took of me laying in it.  I put a lot of holes in my old round bed and pulled out the stuffing's.  Thanks Mom! You're the best!

She also got me some real smoked flavor, OINKIES, pig skin twists.  I love them!  Last package she got me was peanut butter flavored.  I chewed them all up.  DELICIOUS!  Most likely will do the same to my smoked flavored OINKIES!  

I just love to chew all the time!  If I'm not chewing I'm biting my blanket which is full of holes now and the only reason I do that is when I'm so stressed out when a storm comes.  When I hear thunder and see lightening and it just freaks me out.  Mom gives me a Children's Benadryl to calm my nerves and it helps. She coats the pill with peanut butter that I really love.  She also told me she will be getting me a thunder shirt next and that should help me as well.  I hope so!  I just hate thunderstorms!  I also don't like the flash on a camera because it makes me think that it's lightening and I go to barking my head off!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Neighbors I Don't Like!

I saw someone the other day who looks just like me!  I found out that his name is Pe Pe and he was not happy to see me!  He was raising cane!

This is "Nims" and every time I come outdoors to use the bathroom she has to get in my face!  Literally!  I don't like it and walk away as fast as I can.  She lives with my friend Daisy Mae next door to us.