Sunday, June 9, 2013

My New Bed

When payday came my Mom went to Wal-Mart and got me a "new bed" which I love.  Here is a picture she took of me laying in it.  I put a lot of holes in my old round bed and pulled out the stuffing's.  Thanks Mom! You're the best!

She also got me some real smoked flavor, OINKIES, pig skin twists.  I love them!  Last package she got me was peanut butter flavored.  I chewed them all up.  DELICIOUS!  Most likely will do the same to my smoked flavored OINKIES!  

I just love to chew all the time!  If I'm not chewing I'm biting my blanket which is full of holes now and the only reason I do that is when I'm so stressed out when a storm comes.  When I hear thunder and see lightening and it just freaks me out.  Mom gives me a Children's Benadryl to calm my nerves and it helps. She coats the pill with peanut butter that I really love.  She also told me she will be getting me a thunder shirt next and that should help me as well.  I hope so!  I just hate thunderstorms!  I also don't like the flash on a camera because it makes me think that it's lightening and I go to barking my head off!

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