Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Dog Tired

My Mom just took me for my very first long walk with her around the Vicksburg Memorial Stadium. That was the longest walk I think I have ever walked in my whole life.  I must have peed 15 times and pooped 3 times.  Never in my life have I smelled to many smells.  I saw some kids practicing baseball and they were having a good time.  The weather was sunny and in the high 50's.  

We started at the top of Drummond Street and walked two blocks to Stadium Drive and down the hill and around the back side and turned around and came back the same way we went.  Mom said the traffic is really heavy on Lee Street so that is why we did not walk all the way but would be about the same distance she said.  Next time we will walk about 4 blocks on Drummond Street going north towards town and then turn around and come back and either way we go will be a 30 minute walk.

I'm looking forward to going again with her and she said I should sleep really well tonight.

I was happy to get home and drink some water and now I'm resting on the couch pillows.  Whew!!!

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  1. Hi! Great posts. I am sure you will have a great life with your new Mum and Dad. They are very caring