Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well I knew something was going on that Mom was packing up her things and I have been anxious about it. She let me know that she will be leaving Daddy tomorrow and I will be going to a new home. I have been here about a year now.  A nice lady by the name of Johnette will be coming by to take me to her house for a few days until they can find someone to adopted me from Paw's Rescue.  This will be my third place to live somewhere since I left my master who had to be placed in a nursing home and then to her daughter's house for awhile until Mom came along to get me.  In the meantime my original master died.  Mom made me this blog.  Not sure if it will be kept up with me leaving tomorrow. Just have to wait and see who takes me and hope I will adjust to everything.  It will be hard on all of us, Mom, Dad and me.  So I will say goodbye for now and I will miss them very much!  

The End

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