Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Next Door Neighbor ~ Daisy Mae

Yesterday, when Mom took me out she saw Daisy Mae walking towards us and Mom stopped to call her and got some great pictures.  

Daisy Mae my next door neighbor is thinking about coming to see me.

Think, think, think!

Finally she came over and checked me out.

Where are you going Daisy Mae....I want to play with you!

She is smelling everything like I do.

How are you doing today Daisy Mae?

Daisy Mae said she had to get back home before her master misses her.

So I decided to walk with her.

Daisy Mae is acting confused...like...what am I doing in her yard?

Now she is watching me pee in her yard!

Oh no, now she has to protect her yard.  Way to go Daisy Mae!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My 8th Birthday Today!

Yesterday, when Mom came home from visiting Dad at the nursing home there was a present at the front door and she told me it was a Birthday present from my friends across the street, Higgins (the dog) and Fiona (the cat).  

Mom took a picture of my present for me from Higgins and Fiona!

She put both my presents on her bed this morning.

Mom opened them up for me and took a picture of my gifts that I got from Higgins and Fiona and from her and Dad.
She laid all my presents out on my blanket pad in the living room and you can see how excited I am checking them all out!

I was soooo excited!  Here I am eating on one of my dental sticks!




Mom said this will help clean my teeth.  

Thanks so much to Higgins, Fiona and Patty (their Mom) across the street and to my Mom and Dad for making my 8th birthday a fun one! 
I know I will enjoy all my gifts!  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Trip Across The Street

My Mom has a friend named, Patty, and she lives across the street.  Mom used to work with her when she worked for the Government.  Patty invited us over for awhile and Mom took me with her. Here I am above looking back towards my house.

I'm up pretty high!  Our home is between the house with the white picket fence and the house to the right.  You can barely make out our cypress house in the middle.

I have a new friend, Higgins, who is Miss Patty's dog on their front porch.

Miss Patty holding me to keep me warm.  

Higgins sitting out in the yard looking around with his new yellow leash. 

Higgins playing with his toy.

He dropped it...I wonder if he will let me play with it!

St. Francis of Assisi statue at Miss Patty's front door.

Higgins trying to get some Zzz.

A new addition to Miss Patty's home and her name is Fiona.

I think Higgins is going to like Fiona - his new playmate!