Saturday, July 27, 2013

My New Thunder Shirt & Pills

Mom ordered me a thunder-shirt and it came in the mail yesterday just in time because we had storms predicted last night.  Mom had to get up in this morning and put it on me and also gave me a pill. She also had my name put on it!  How cool is that!

Here is a picture of me in my thunder-shirt this morning after I wore it all night and it really helped me.  I barked a little bit but not as bad if I had not had my new shirt.  Thanks so much MOM!  You know the right things to do for me.

She also got me some Pet-Ease that Kay at WAGS told her about and it helped me as well.  I'm all fixed up and ready for the next storm.  I say, bring it on!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trip To WAGS

Today Mom took me to,WAGS, which is a place for dogs like me to go get all cleaned up.  I had a nice bath and had my toenails clipped.  I just feel so great now!  Kay, the lady who owns the shop, told my Mom today that it looked like I had been losing some hair on my chest and back end and it was because of separation from my Master who is now in a nursing home.  Mom told her how I would run from one end of the house to the other when I hear thunder and bark my head off.  She told Kay that she ordered me a thunder shirt and I can't wait to get it and try it on.  I hope it will help my nerves and calm me down.  She even told Mom about a pill for me called, DOG EASE, that should help me. Mom said she will get me some. I look forward to going back to WAGS again and get Kay to keep me all cleaned up and my toenails clipped.  It really makes me feel a lot whole lot better. Thanks Kay!  You are super!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I Met "Sippi" Today

When Mom took me out to potty this afternoon we saw this little boy by the name of, Aiden, walking a Bichon dog by the name "sippi" for Mississippi.  Mom told Aiden that she loved this kind of dog and petted him a lot.   

Mom was trying to take a picture but he had his head down.

"Sippi", being a male dog, was really checking me out.  

Mom asked Aiden, who was visiting from Dallas, TX, to pick him up to get a better picture.

Mom was really enjoying taking pictures of "sippi"

Aiden had to get back to his Grandmother and Grandfather Stamn's house at the top of the hill.  
Bye "Sippi!"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Walk In The Vicksburg National Military Park

Yesterday afternoon my Mom's daughter, Kathy and Sadie and I met up in the park.  It was my very first walk in the park.  Mom said it is the National Military Park and lots of dogs come out here to walk, run and play.  I just found me a new place to go and have fun.

Sadie is 3 months old and she is ready to go.

But first I got to pee here.

Off we go and I see something big that I have never seen before and Mom said it was a cannon that was used in the Civil War here over 150 years ago. 

Of course, I had to have my picture taken on top of this thing call a cannon!

Of course, Sadie had to sit on top of it as well.  

Mom turned back and took this pretty picture of the arch which she told me is the entrance to the park but we were going in the opposite direction.  The clouds were very pretty with the sun shinning on them.
As we were going up a hill Mom took his picture through the trees of the sun setting.

A black and white picture of the sun setting near the Jewish Cemetery Mom said.

Boy, I really like this place and had to stop and smell EVERYTHING!

Me being 8 years old, I need to catch up with Sadie, being 3 months old!

Looks like a tree fell down the other night when we had some bad weather come though and I acted crazy.  Mom said she was going to get me a thunder shirt and it will help calm me down.  I do not like storms! 

Going pass a round circle with plaques and a statue.  

Mom said it was Lt. General John C. Pemberton, who fought here in the Siege of Vicksburg.

Side view of Lt. General John C. Pemberton.

Front view.

Up close picture of his face.


Mom's daughter, Kathy, holding onto me while Mom takes pictures of Pemberton.

Little Sadie was eager to get to the car as we were headed out of the park.

Kathy gave both Sadie and I some water.  What a nice time we had and overheard Mom and Kathy say that we may come back this coming Friday if it is not raining.  I'm looking forward to coming again.  This was so much fun!