Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dog Treats For Me!

Mom picked me up some new dog treats yesterday and I really like them.  I have never had PUP CORN before and it's shaped like a dog like me!  She also got a 3-pack of rawhide bones for me to chew on.  I just love to chew on things and this will help one of my bad habits.  When I came to my new Mom's house she brought my black blanket with me and it was full of holes.  I don't know why I have to chew so much but this will really help me.  

She took a picture of me last night in Daddy Bob's lap yawning my head off.  WOW, do I have a long tongue!  I also need cataract surgery one day on my left eye as you can see here it is much bigger.  I can see out of of OK for now.  

Safe in Daddy Bob's lap!

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