Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Walk Around The Vicksburg Stadium

Started my walk passing by our next door neighbor's house with the pretty flowers and a white picket fence.

Mom had to stop and take a picture.

She said to always stop and smell the flowers!

At the top of the hill and now headed south towards the Vicksburg High School on Drummond Street.

Just passed Polk St.  See the school on the hill in front of me?

She caught me in the act...MOM!!!???  
She said this used to be part of a playground with a merry-go-round, swings and a big sliding board when she was little and was called the City Park.

Closer look of Vicksburg High School.

Got to check every freaking smell out!

Down the hill we go!

Finally at the bottom.

A new "Gator" hanger for the football players.

Walk, walk and more walking...

and made a turn and a man passed us.  You can see him up ahead.

Part of the field where they practice playing football.

Where they play and practice baseball.

Almost to the STOP sign!

 We had to turn around at the STOP sign on Lee St.

Mom took a funny picture of us!

A huge stadium light!

Whiff of this and a whiff of that!

 We passed by Loviza Lane while walking on Stadium Drive.

Another funny picture of us.

Getting ready to climb a very steep hill.

Mom looks both ways before we cross the street on Drummond Street.

OK...another side of the street with more smells!

Mom keeps taking pictures of me while I'm trying to do my business!
She also told me that when she was little this area was the City Park's Swimming pool until they built a newer  and bigger one not far away.

I really like this place...

...and got to poop one more time!

Headed north on Drummond Street.

Just turned west on National Street and almost to the house...

Thank goodness...I see our house from here!

Closer and closer and closer.

My feet or dog tired!


Hope you enjoyed walking with me around the stadium!  I always look forward to our walks.  

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