Thursday, February 7, 2013

Morning Walk

Me at the STOP sign.

Mommy Marian, took me out this morning, like she does every morning, but this time when I went to the STOP sign to do my business...(I don't know why I go to this spot all the time...I guess it means to STOP and do my business here)...anyway, I saw this cute black and white fluffy dog in our next door neighbor's yard by the driveway sniffing around.  I did not bark not one time to see what it would do and just stared away.  It stared back and did not bark at me and then turned and ran down the street. That is the first time I have ever seen this particular dog in my neighborhood.  We do have dogs across the street that barks every time I go out but one is behind a fence and the other one I cannot see because it's behind a tall wooden fence.

I just love this ramp to walk up and down!

Can't wait to get inside so Mom can give me my "good girl" treat!

Last night I posed with Daddy Bob to take a picture with him.  I really like him and he picks me up so I can lay in his lap and watch TV.

Me posing with Daddy Bob!

I especially love to sit on the couch and lay on the pillows.  That is my favorite spot of all.

Mom told me that she will be posting some pictures today on my blog so I hope you will enjoy them.

Me up close and loving the soft pillows!  

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